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Not Ready for Prime Time

UPDATE: Well, another one bites the dust. If the federal campaign is any indication, there may be more to come. Seriously… This is what happens when you go to the John McCain/Sarah Palin School of Vetting.

Will the NDP in B.C. ever learn how to screen their candidates? After a number of embarrassing revelations during the federal election about their candidates, the provincial election has already seen two examples of the NDP’s refusal to complete even the most basic background checks/vetting of their candidates. The first one came a few weeks ago with a Vancouver candidate having to apologize for comments she made about Zionists. 

Now it’s NDP candidate Ray Lam who has been caught in a Miley Cyrus-esque affair, with photos of him fondling a woman (I suppose this may be a reflection of the NDP’s commitment to support women) and another photo with his pants down and two folks fondling his tightie whities. 

This hardly inspires confidence in the NDP team.


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To Be of Mixed Intelligence

It’s amazing how a guy once hailed as a genius (though that camp never included me) can look so stupid, so often.

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