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Flippin’ the Bird to Graciousness

This was just to good not to link to. If it’s true that we should judge a person not by how they act in victory, but in how gracious they can be in defeat, Winnipeg’s Geoff Currier is in a whole heap of trouble. Proving agnostic as it relates to magnanimity, Currier – backed predominantly by Conservatives in a bid for city council – offered the following gem of a quote:

“Well, there’s still a lot of socialists in Manitoba and in Winnipeg. And Mr. Orlikow’s a socialist,” Currier said.

It’s a good thing that Currier has signaled that he has no plan to run again in the future. I should also offer a tip of the hat to Manitoba blogger Curtis Brown whose blog alerted me to this and who is generally a fine blogger and columnist worthy of greater attention than he receives.


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  1. SMcEwing says:

    I noticed that on CBC radio as well. Glad someone else pointed out what a lunkheaded thing it was to say. He sounded just like those yapping terriers of ignorance on the US cable channels accusing anyone who supports any sort of social policy in the US a socialist.

    However, he had friends at the CBC the previous day, they ran his comment on No More Taxes but didn’t mention how, when interviewed earlier, he pointed out that he was against Public Art.

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