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The Return of Rae Days?

I did not vote for Bob Rae at the last leadership convention. And while I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself on this, it’s rather unlikely that I’ll be supporting Bob Rae at the next convention. With that said, I like the guy. I even think he’d make a helluva Prime Minister. The man has more experience than anyone in the field and I believe is probably best prepared (and better than Harp) to deal with the current economic crises. I know how strange that will sound to most of my readers, but I believe it. But Peter Donolo is spot on. Bobby’s got some ‘splainin to do.

If I were advising Bob Rae, I would tell him that his first step should be to try to arrange a high profile interview. Setup an interview with Peter Mansbridge. One-on-one. Bob Rae’s got the talent and charisma to explain his experience as Premier and how he feels the experience makes him well-suited to handle the economic crisis we face today.

If Bob Rae has any chance of winning this campaign, he’s going to have to lead with his chin (as I always advise candidates to do) and make a personal appeal to Canadians. Showing Canadians some of the sense of humor he shows in the clip below (but not as much of his ass) could go a long way to helping his campaign, as well. 


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Relationship Counselling

So I was sitting in my living room, answering some emails and reading the news as I like to do every morning (though a bit later on the weekends). As I’m sure everyone else experienced this morning, many of the columnists are ruminating ever louder on the composition and impact of an Obama Presidency.

One of my favorite rumors I’ve been reading over the past week has been the suggestion that Rahm Emanuel will serve as Obama’s Chief of Staff. Simply put, Emanuel would be a sensational choice. Emanuel, for those not yet familiar with him, is a fellow Illionois Democrat and Chair of the Democratic Caucus (making him fourth-ranking member in the House). Before being elected to the House in 2002, Emanuel was Director of Finances for the 1992 Clinton campaign and became a senior advisor to President Clinton. Emanuel’s toughness is well-noted, including an infamous run-in with Tony Blair. As Chair of the DCCC, Emanuel helped to drag the party to the centre and his success i recruiting candidates and raising funds for the committee can not be underestimated in the success the Democrats have enjoyed in recent years (especially in undermining the potentially corrosive and destructive impact Howard Dean could have had on the party).

Anyway, there was another article that caught my eye (which, incidentally, was the reason I began writing this post in the first place). Greg Weston penned a piece for today’s Ottawa Sunshine Girl about the relationship between Obama and Harper. The Penny Saver also has a piece about the importance of the relationship between the Prime Minister and President. There is, however, one issue which is significant in its absence from either piece. One must wonder how receptive a President Obama would be to the Prime Minister who tried to torpedo him in the primaries. I’m sure Obama’s administration will be anxious to bend over backwards to help in any way possible.

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